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A Combined Book and Toy Theatre1931
A Kind of Aerial Dancing Marionette Based on Unmanned Plane (in Chinese)2015
A Kind of Multifunctional Combination Puppet Performance Stage and Building Method (in Chinese)2018
A Puppet Capable of Swinging Two Heads and Necks (in Chinese)2012
Actuating Means for Marionettes, Puppets, and the Like1949
Adjustable Puppet Showstage1974
Aerial Display System with Maronettes Articulated and Supported by Arborne Devices2014
Amusement Device1916
Amusement Device1926
Amusement Device1940
An Improved Method and Apparatus for Enhanced Puppetry or Similar Types of Performances Utilizing a Virtual Set2001
Animal Puppet1992
Animated Caricature1957
Animated Children's Marionette Theatre1974
Animated Figure1923
Animated Finger Puppet1996
Animated Hand Puppet & Animator Therefor2009
Animated Puppet1975
Animated Toy Puppet Theater1989
Animated Two-Dimensional Figure1972
Apparatus for Operating Marionettes and the Like1958
Apparatus for Performing Puppet Play Show (in Korean)2001
Apparatus for Producing Motion Picture Puppet Plays1918
Apparatus for Producing Toy Puppet or Animal Figures1955
Arm Puppet2015
Armário Vertical com Palco para Teatro de Bonecos2018
Art of Producing Manikin Actors1924
Articulable Shoulder Puppet2006
Articulated Assembly for Puppets and Stuffed Toy Dolls1993
Articulated Puppet1977
Assembly Type of Puppet Show Playing Toy Using Paper Folding (in Korean)2019
Attachment Structure for Puppet, Manipulator Combination1974
Automatic Dancer1863
Automatic Puppeteer1962
Bau com Palco para Teatro de Bonecos2018
Beer Puppet2021
Bewegliche Figur für Puppentheater (Patent N° 236531)1910
Bewegliche Figur für Puppentheater nach Patent N° 2365311912
Bewegliche Puppe1970
Body Supported Puppet Stage1968
Cardboard Food Tray and Puppet Device1982
Cartoon Animation, Shadow Puppet Performance Learning Machine (in Chinese)2006
Careta-Marioneta Perfeccionada1975
Castelet d'Ombres Chinoises1990
Children's Book with Puppet-Theatre Stages Attached to the Pages Thereof1937
Christmas Stocking, Puppet and Story Meda Combination1995
Collapsible Miniature Stage1955
Collapsible, Portable Puppet Stage2009
Color Changeable Eyes Device for Manikin Heads1981
Combination Doll and Marionette1975
Combination Hand Puppet and Sports Ball2006
Combination Scarf and Puppet1984
Combined Hat and Puppet1953
Combined Puppet and Doll1947
Combined Puppet Stage and Carrying Case1958
Combined Story Media and Puppet2003
Head Structure For Puppet (in Chinese)2012
Containerized Hand Puppet Embodying Multiple Toy Figures2014
Control for String Puppet1955
Control System for a Puppet2009
Controller with Individually or Simultaneously Movable Arms1979
Convertible Container Puppet Theatre1973
Cruz de Control Para el Movimiento de los Muñecos Articulados Para Teatro de Marionetas1943
Dancing Puppet1890
Dancing Puppet1951
Dancing Toys1870
Das Leitwerk für die Stabpuppen2009
De Weegschaal Elektrisch Mecanisch Dansende Pop2006
Deformable Figure Employable for Production of Animated Cartoon Films1938
Device and System for Conducting, Showing a Shadow Puppet Show2022
Device for Improving a Childs Manual Dexterity and Finger Coordination1975
Device for Rendering Stage Figures of Minature House Theaters (Puppet Shows) Movable1911
Dispositif pour Actionner les Marionnettes ou Autres Sujets dans les Théâtres "Guignol"1925
Dispositif pour Faire Scintiller les Yeux de Marionnettes1981
Dispositivo de Montaje de Marionetas1974
Dispositivo para Determinar el Movimiento de los Labios de una Muñeca, Títere o Similar1970
Doll Stage Construction1953
Doll-Like Puppet with Movable Mouth1972
Domestic Puppet Play Presentation Device with Adjustable2021
Doorway Puppet Stage1958
Držák Loutek, Zejména Loutek s Ovládacím Vahadlem se Závěsným Prvkem2001
Dukke eller Legetøjsfigur1949
Dukke med Bevægelige Lemmer1926
Dynamic Eye Simulation Mechanism2006
Educational or Instructive Puppet1960
Eine Mobile Kleinkunstbühne in Form eines Sessels2006
Electrically Operable Puppets1960
Even Theater of Foldable Play (in Chinese)2016
Expression Doll1924
Faltbares Puppentheater2022
Figur für Puppentheater1913
Figure Expression Using a Multi-Axis Control2021
Figure Toy1929
Figure Toy and Process of Making Same1941
Figurenspiel, Insbesondere Boxspiel1955
Finger Actuated Toy Figure1991
Finger Puppet1975
Finger Puppet1979
Finger Puppet Novelty Hand Garment2009
Finger Puppet Stored-Value Card2010
Finger Puppet Toys2022
Finger Puppets1978
Foldable Puppet Theater2021
Folding Puppet, Marionette, or Doll, Head1969
Four-Legged Ambulatory Large-Size-Animal Suit (European Patent)2013
Garment with Concealable Sleeve Puppet1996
Gelenkbausatz für Marionetten und Stoff-Spielpuppen1995
Gesticulating Puppet Having a Human Like Configuration, Particulary Adapted for Direct Television Transmission and/or Kinescopic Television Transmission of Scenographic Performances1965
Giant Stay Wire Puppet for Aerial Stage2022
Gliederfigur (Fadenmarionette)1991
Glove Puppet2005
Glove Puppet and a Kit for a Puppet Show1989
Glove Puppet Manipulating System2013
Growing Figure Toy1954
Halter für Puppen1953
Hand Actuated Puppet and Precursor Structure1989
Hand Controlled Puppet1987
Hand Doll1951
Hand Puppet1950
Hand Puppet1953
Hand Puppet1955
Hand Puppet1956
Hand Puppet1957
Hand Puppet1976
Hand Puppet1986
Hand Puppet with Detachable Facial Elements1985
Hand Puppet with Two Eye Spheroids Connected by Cord1994
Hand Puppets1958
Hanpuppe, Insbesondere für Kino-Aufnahmen1954
Handpuppet Constructed Out of Original Designs and Temporary Tattoo Paper2010
Hand-Controlled Puppet1981
Head and Jaw Actuation Device1992
Head Structure For Puppet (in Chinese)2012
Hlava Loutky s Pohyblivýma Očima1996
Improvements in or Relating to Toy Shadow-Theatres 1921
Improvements in, or Connected with, Toy Scenic, Cinematograph, and Other Theatres, Panoramas, and the like1916
Instruction Outfit for the Making, Play, and Use of Puppets or Dolls1942
Intelligent Puppet Stage (in Chinese)2016
Interactive Character Control System2021
Invisible Marionette1981
Jointed Figure with Adjustable Limbs1932
Juego de Títeres1981
Kleinräumig Zusammenlegbare Theke, Insbesondere Verkaufstheke oder Puppenbühne1983
Kombination Kasperltheater - Kaufladen1997
Learning Hand Puppet2010
Long-Sleeved Garment with Integrated Animal Design and Puppet-Like Sleeve1991
Loutka Marioneta1990
Manipulatory Puppet1969
Manually and Automatically Operable Sleeping Doll Eye Unit, particularly for Puppets1971
Manually-Manipulated Animated Figure Toy1974
Manufacture of Marionettes1949
Marioneta Perfeccionada1965
Marionette (in Chinese)2007
Marionette Actuating and Controlling Apparatus1951
Marionette Actuation1978
Marionette Assembly with Manipulating Glove1974
Marionette Base Ball Performance1916
Marionette Bird1977
Marionette Construction1953
Marionette Construction1957
Marionette Construction and Control Therefor1965
Marionette Control Frame and Cord Wind-Up1933
Marionnette de Guignol1955
Marionette Demonstration Device (in Chinese)2020
Marionette Figure Assembly1958
Marionette Figures1956
Marionette Formed of Tubular Sheet Material1956
Marionette or Puppet1959
Marionette System and Method Using Mobile Terminal (in Korean)2019
Marionette Toy1938
Marionette Toy (Solicited by Bil Baird)1953
Marionette with Strings with Different Degrees of Elasticity1980
Marionnette Essentiellement Destinée à être Présentée dans un Spectacle Filmé et Procédés de Fabrication et de Mise en Mouvement de cette Marionnette1981
Marionnette Porte-Manteau Articulé1977
Marionnette pour la Main2002
Mecanismo para Accionamiento de Marionetas (Solicidada por Herta Frankel)1971
Mechanical Apparatus for Controlling a Puppet and Method of Using the Same2021
Mechanical Toy1902
Mechanically Actuated Marionette Control Mechanism1952
Mekanisk Dukke1922
Mejoras Introducidas en la Fabricación de Figuras a Modo de Muñecos1963
Mester Jakel-Dukke1956
Method and Apparatus for Manipulation of a Toy Maronette2014
Method for Manufacturing Paper Image2021
Method for Releasing Song of Marionette Singer (in Korean)2017
Miniature Puppet Theater and Book Combination and Case for Storing and Transporting the Same2003
Miniature Theater1932
Miniature Theater1937
Miniature Theater (in Brazilian)2021
Mit Einer Hand Spielbare Handpuppe1970
Mobile Puppet Storage Stand2004
Modular Puppet System1990
Montage des Tiges d'Animation Horizontales Permettant l'Animation et le Retournement en Cours de Jeu des Silhouettes pour Théâtre d'Ombres1964
Motion Picture1943
Motion Puppet (in Korean)2022
Motion Tracking and Image Recognition of Hand Gestures to Animatea Digital Puppet, Synchronized with Recorded Audio2015
Motorized Puppet Show Stage Car (in Chinese)2018
Multiple Character Hand Puppet1963
Multi-Track Puppetry2019
Natural Looking Puppet Device2017
Neck and Head Joint for a Puppet1968
Novel Doll Theatre (in Chinese)2011
Novelty Basket with Puppet Hand2004
Novelty Jeans2004
Nucleo Para Formacion de Muñecos Marionetas1963
Nuevo Guiñol1980
Nuevo Juguete1939
Omnidirectional Toy Manipulator2005
Opening Mechanism for Lower Jaw or Beak for Hand Puppet1978
Pala Para Accionamiento de Marionetas, con Abrazadera de Sujecion de Hilos1962
Perfeccionamientos en los Muñecos Animables1966
Perfectionnements aux Jeux de Guignol1922
Personalized Finger Puppet (in Chinese)2013
Phantom Maronette1991
Platform with Hand and Arm Simulation for Use with Hand-Operated Puppets, Dolls and Ventriloquial Figures1970
Plush Frog Puppet2012
Pom-Pom Puppet and Method of Cheering with Pom-Pom Puppet2003
Portable Easy Dismouting Shadow Play Performance Device2022
Portable Puppet Show Stage (in Korean)2001
Portable Puppet Show Stage Apparatus (in Korean)2009
Portable Puppet Theater (European Patent)2020
Portable Puppet Theater Kit1989
Portable Puppet Theater, Stage, or Playhouse Apparatus and Methods2011
Portable Puppet Theater Systems1995
Portable Shadow Play Show Stand2022
Prefab Puppet Theater (in Korean)1998
Production of Animated Cinematographic Cartoons and Puppet for Use Therefor1942
Professional Background Stage for Student Puppet2021
Puppenskelett für Textilpuppen1991
Puppenspielbühne, Insbesondere für Handpuppenspiele1977
Puppentheater mit Einer oder Mehreren Kopflosen Puppen1939
Puppentheater mit Unsichtbarer Figurenführung Durch Magnete1923
Puppet (Solicited by Bil Baird)1948
Puppet Actuating Apparatus1955
Puppet Amusement Device1967
Puppet and Actuating Means Therefor1963
Puppet and Animation Device1968
Puppet and Fastener for Connecting the Articulated Members Thereof1975
Puppet Animal Figure1940
Puppet Apparatus1987
Puppet Arm Connection and Movement System2003
Puppet Assembling1977
Puppet Assembly Kit1962
Puppet Book2005
Puppet Book Structure1975
Puppet Construction Kit and Method of Making a Personalized Hand Operated Puppet2003
Puppet Control Device for Puppet Show (in Korean)2010
Puppet Controlled from Above1999
Puppet Doll1932
Puppet Doll1940
Puppet Doll1940
Puppet Doll1953
Puppet Doll1956
Puppet Doll or Simlar Article ("Kermit" by James M. Henson)1959
Puppet Doll or Simlar Article (Solicited by James M. Henson)1959
Puppet Equipped Protective Cloth for Use on Children1967
Puppet for Clothing Pocket1979
Puppet for Puppet Play (in Korean)2002
Puppet for Puppet Play (in Korean)2005
Puppet for Stop-Motion Photography and Anchoring Means Therefor1943
Puppet for Stop-Motion Technique1950
Puppet Gloves1958
Puppet Having Slidingface Panels Defining a Mouth Opening1989
Puppet Head1994
Puppet Head or Similar Article1950
Puppet Head with Movable Eyes and Lip and Remote Hand Controls Therefor1975
Puppet Like Figure and Animation Apparatus1963
Puppet Manipulator and Puppet-Manipulator Combination1973
Puppet Mouth Construction1990
Puppet Movable on a Wheel to Simulate Walking1964
Puppet/Marionette Theater1993
Puppet-on-the-Arm Illusion Device1989
Puppet or Doll Having Structure Provided by Stuffing1987
Puppet or Marionette Show1922
Puppet or Similar Article1951
Puppet Rug for Therapeutic Purposes1981
Puppet Show1943
Puppet Show Toy1971
Puppet/Slipper Combination2013
Puppet Stage - 6 Claims, 2 Drawing Figs1971
Puppet System2004
Puppet Theater1972
Puppet Theater (in Korean)2009
Puppet Theater and Theater Combination2010
Puppet Theater Apparatus1966
Puppet Theater with Sound Track and Cued Lights1992
Puppet Toy1973
Puppet Toy1991
Puppet with Detachable Weight2009
Puppeteer Robot (in Korean)2012
Puppeteer Unit (in Korean)2011
Puppetry Based Communication System - Method and Internet Utility2008
Puppet-Type Figure Toy1973
Puppets and Character Representations2000
Radio Toy1930
Rag Puppet1924
Réduction de la Taille des Marionnettes dans un Spectacle d'Ombre par l'Utilisation d'un Rétroprojecteur comme Source Principale de Lumière1984
Robotic Marionettes on Magnetically Supported and Highly Mobile Puppeteer Platforms2010
Scheerenschnittbündel für Wechselbare Schattenbilder1962
Self-Propelled Puppet, particularly of the Type for Simulating a Rider Astride a Bipedal Animal (European Patent)2015
Self-Supporting Puppet2010
Set for Shadow Play Performance (in Korean)2006
Shadow Activity Book2009
Shadow Play Lamp and Illumination System for Shadow Play Stage2022
Shadow Play Performance Device2022
Shadow Puppet Control Robot (in Chinese)2013
Shadow Puppet Show (in Korean)2006
Sling and Puppet Toy2014
Slipper Sock1962
Smilende Dukke1925
Sound for Figures or Puppets1952
Sounding Favor with Representation of a Fanciful Character1971
Spielerisch und Therapeutisch Flexibel Nutzbare Handpuppe mit Einfach Austauschbaren Zubehörteilen2023
Spielfigur mit Beweglichen Gliedern nach Art von Handpuppen1973
Spielgegenstand in Form Eines Balles - Der Zugleich als Handspielpuppe Ausgebildet Ist (European Patent)2004
Spielkreuz für Marionetten und Spielpuppen1992
Stabpuppe mit Arm-Innenführung1987
Stage for Performing Puppet Play (in Korean)2012
Stage for Puppets1964
Stick Puppet Shaped from a Piece of Paper, Paper-Like Materials or Fabric (in German)2017
Stick Puppets1967
Story Complete Type of Paper TV Puppet Play Equipment (in Korean2020
Stuffed Puppet Toy Animal1946
System & Method for Compositing of Real and Virtual Images in a Cinematographic Puppetry Production2001
System and Method for Compositing of Two or More Real Images in a Cinematographic Puppetry Production2007
System and Method for Controlling Automatic Puppet Performance (in Chinese)2012
System and Method for Three-Dimiensional Animation of Rod-Arm Puppet Extremites2006
System and Method of Producing an Animated Performance Utilizing Multiple Cameras2008
Système de Commande de Marionnettes à Fils1996
Système Manuel pour Allonger ou Raccourcir le Nez d'une Marionnette2001
Système Pour Imiter les Mouvements Humains dans un Spectacle de Marionnettes - Procédé Pour Programmer ce Système et Spectacle de Marionnettes Obtenus Par Là1988
Tail Pull and Wing Flap Animation Apparatus1992
Talking Marionette with Theatre1987
Teatro em Miniatura2015
Tie Puppet2018
Títere Perfeccionado1975
Títere Perfeccionado1981
Toe Puppet1998
Torso and Display Supportable Puppet1981
Toss and Catch Hand Puppet1980
Toy Figure Manipulating Means1953
Toy Figures with Vacuum Changeable Features1986
Toy Punch and Judy Show1922
Toy Puppet Stage1990
Toy Puppet-Like Figurine1971
Toy Puppet-Like Figurine with Accessories1971
Toy Reversible Between Puppet and Book Forms1995
Toy Theater1886
Toy Theater Stage1952
Toy Theatre1957
Toy Theatre for Puppets or Marionettes1955
Toy Theatrical Device1924
Traje Animal de Gran Tamaño Ambulatorio de Cuatro Patas2015
Transformable Cable Volume Structure2016
Transformable Toy1992
Trigger Actuated Puppet1984
Two Dimensional Animated Character1978
Umbrella Puppet Stage1975
Un Juguete Consistente en un Muñeco Bailerín Articulado1932
Un Sistema de Control Electromagnetico Para Marionetas1946
Un Títere con Música1960
Un Títere Montable1970
Una Marioneta Perfeccionada1952
Vahadlový Ovladač Loutek1996
Ventriloquist Hand Operated Puppet1960
Ventriloquists Doll1956
Vestimenta de Animal Grande2012
Walking Hand Puppet1981
Water-Pistol and Animal Figure Assembly1997
Water-Pistol and Puppet Assembly1996
Zusammenklappbares Puppentheater1918
Zusammenlegbares Puppentheater1884
Zusammenlegbares Puppentheater1885


Really, this is by accident, during my researches, that I discovered this “hidden” face of the puppetry: The Patents

This is a very fantasy world, when we are seeing the inventiveness developed in this field for many years (the older patent that I have found (1863) is over 145 years old).

Without, of course, any aim to push the people to copy, I think that it's interesting, for the puppeteers and puppet fans (young or older) to see what has been done before them, when the computer, the 21st century means, Internet, los emails were not existing, hoping that they could find their own inspiration within the works carried out by their “predecessors”, who developped mechanisms, systems which, for some of them, are still used today.

So, I put online.....

At least, this is an excellent way to see very nice technical drawings concerning puppetry (as well mechanisms, used for dolls/toys that could be, perhaps, adapted)

Despite the care I put into the design of this page; It is possible, in a few cases, that the same patent (the same drawings) can be found under several numbers, in other languages. Generally, this is because the patent was registered in more countries than the one where she was filled/processed.

I thank, in particular, the following websites:

Google.patents & the fantastic one from the “Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt“, where I am doing my researches and I had found a lot of information.


Realmente, es por casualidad, durante mis búsquedas, que descubrí esta cara oculta de la marioneta: Las Patentes

Es un mundo muy fantástico, cuando se ve la inventiva desarrollada en este campo desde muchos años (la patente la más antigua (1863) que he encontrado tiene más de 145 años)

Sin ningún deseo, claro, de empujar la gente a copiar, pienso que es interesante, para los titiriteros y aficionados (jóvenes o más viejos) de ver lo que se ha hecho antes de ellos, cuando computadora, medios del siglo 21, Internet, los emails no existieron, esperando que ellos podrán encontrar su propia inspiración en el trabajo llevado a cabo por sus “predecesores”, quienes han desarrollado mecanismos, sistemas que, para algunos de ellos, siguen todavía usados.

Pues, pongo en linea....

Al menos, es una excelente manera de ver muy lindos dibujos técnicos respecto a la marioneta (así como mecanismos, utilizados para muñecas/juguetes que podrían ser, quizás,  adaptados).

A pesar del cuidado que puse en el diseño de esta página; es posible, en casos raros, que se puede encontrar la misma patente (los mismos dibujos) bajo varios números, en otros idiomas. Generalmente, esto se debe a que la patente se registró en más países que donde ella se está tramitando.

Agradezco, muchísimo, los sitios siguientes:

Google.patents & el fantástico sitio del “Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt“, donde estoy haciendo mis búsquedas y he encontrado un montón de informaciones.

413 patents, found on 29/01/2024